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Counselling and psychological therapy available for Devon, Plymouth and Cornwall

light5Please note that due to unforseen circumstances, Psychology South West services are not currently available to new enquiries

Psychology South West is a counselling, psychotherapy and consultancy service run by Martin Morris. It is available to individuals seeking help for themselves as well as to clients referred by agencies (Go to: Psychological services). Located in an independent health centre in Liskeard, East Cornwall, this counselling and psychotherapy is for Cornwall, Plymouth and South/West Devon residents.

Martin has extensive experience and training as a psychological counsellor and in psychotherapy, as a clinical psychologist chartered wih the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC). He has an accessible and professional manner, having engaged in specialist psychotherapy and psychological counselling training for many problems and for self-development. These areas include anxiety, panic & phobias, low mood & depression, bereavement & loss, the consequences of abuse, accident & post-trauma stress (PTSD), eating disorders, workplace stress, confidence and self esteem, relationship & sexuality issues. Research has shown that all these problems can be helped effectively - by someone trained in the relevant psychotherapy, and in whom you, the client, feels confident. Counselling, psychotherapy and other forms of psychological help including cognitive behavioural(CBT) and trauma-focussed therapy (EMDR) are effective - in resolving problems, improving quality of life and finding ways forward in life.

Counselling and psychotherapy help may perhaps be unfamiliar to you - maybe you are wondering whether this may be right for you and your particular problems and issues. If you are interested in looking further, you may not know whom to approach. It can feel difficult to make an initial appointment. These pages are intended to provide you with initial information and to answer some questions.


Help for individuals

If you would like to consider coming to Liskeard for counselling and psychotherapy, from Cornwall, Plymouth, or South or West Devon, you can email me with any queries, or go ahead and arrange an introductory appointment. From an initial psychological understanding we can check whether I could help from and how many sessions. An initial half hour meeting is free of charge. We will see what approach we might take, this may include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and/or other psychotherapy and counselling methods eg. cognitive analytic (CAT), trauma-focussed (EMDR) and humanistic. You can consider in your own time whether to return for counselling or therapy. This is more like deciding to 'put your toes in the water' having checked it out first, rather than 'taking the plunge’!

Clients who return often feel helped within 2 – 3 further sessions. In this time, you can feel supported and understood, which can make a real difference. It is also usually enough time to understand why and how problems have developed. From this, we can think about ‘what next’ and about any further sessions?

For further information about how to make a start, via email and/or with an appointment, click: Appointments & locations

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